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Repeat Offenses

In Florida, the State enhance penalties and charging levels (misdemeanor vs. felony) for repeat offenses.  Even petty shoplifting can be upgraded to a felony if you are a repeat offender.  One of the most common felony charges we see is driving with a suspended license, which is charged as a felony after numerous prior convictions.  
Other repeat offenses include “habitual” offenders.  These may include habitual felony offenders or habitual traffic offenders.  Being labeled by the State or courts as a habitual offender carries severe penalties and even more severe downstream consequences.
If you or someone you know is facing charges which may result in habitualization, or who has already been habitualized, contact our office today.  With over 34 years of criminal defense experience, Murphy’s Law Offices is equipped to vigorously fight habitual charges.

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