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Police officers need a valid reason to stop your car!

*Notice what is not on this list:

Speeding. Many DUI cases begin with the driver getting pulled over for speeding.  Many DUI officers claim that speeding is one of the factors suggesting the driver to be drunk.  Yet the studies show no substantial correlation between DUI and driving in excess of the speed limit.  A speeding driver is no more likely to be drunk than sober.

When these any of these factors catch a police officer's attention, a chain of events is set into motion that often leads to a drunk driving, impaired driving or in Florida a DUI arrest.  

It is very important that you not face these situations alone.  Consult with an experienced Florida DUI and criminal defense attorney, JOHN C. MURPHY, as soon as possible.  Murphy’s Law Offices endeavors to minimize incarceration, fines, and lifelong irreparable reputation damage by representing you throughout the judicial process.

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