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How To Beat A Drug Case

If you have been arrested for a drug-related offense, you need an aggressive, knowledgeable law firm.  Florida treats drug offenses as especially heinous and sentencing is harsh.  Rest assured, the attorneys at Murphy’s Law Offices are prepared to fight for you.

A lot of legal issues arise during drug arrests. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that you shall remain free from unreasonable warrantless searches and seizures. Police are required to have more than a mere hunch that you have committed a crime.  Because of this, it is vital that you retain the right law firm because it takes a knowledgeable attorney to examine the evidence and determine which legal issues may be raised in your defense. The attorneys at Murphy’s Law Offices have been successfully challenging the evidence in drug cases for years, resulting in the dismissal of charges and the suppression of evidence in countless cases.  Call today for a free consultation and case analysis to determine which defenses will work for you.

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