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Because of scientific advances, and due to public perception (based largely on television), society expects DNA to be a part of just about every criminal case.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  DNA evidence is difficult to collect, expensive to test, and it is not nearly as reliable as the television shows have made it seem. 

There is a lot of room for human error in the collection, transportation, storage, testing, and interpreting related to DNA evidence.  As technological advancements have continued to refine DNA evidence, Murphy’s Law Offices has stayed ahead of the curve and has continued to discover new ways to challenge the State’s DNA evidence.  

Attorney Jason S. Downs of Murphy’s Law Offices was recently published in the Winter Edition of the Florida Defender for his work in excluding certain DNA evidence from trial.  His renowned work has resulted in many other attorneys being able to defend in their own cases where DNA evidence may be used.  

If you or someone you know faces criminal charges where DNA evidence may be used, Murphy’s Law Offices is in the best position to analyze your case and determine whether the evidence can be challenged through our unparalleled knowledge and our use of masterful expert witnesses.  Call Murphy’s Law Offices today to discuss your case.  Your life may depend on it.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex offense, or if you have already been convicted, contact our office today.  With over 34 years of criminal defense experience, Murphy’s Law Offices is equipped to vigorously fight sex crime charges.

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